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  • Up To 2 Mbps Upload
  • Up To 40 GB Monthly Data




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  • Unlimited Monthly Data


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Rural Satellite Internet Providers by Zip Code

HughesNet is the leading provider of high-speed Internet to both rural and urban satellite Internet users. Regardless of your zip code, a clear view of the southern sky is all that is needed for users to connect to the Internet. HughesNet's advanced two-way satellite technology gives subscribers an on-demand high-speed connection with no waiting, dialing out or logging on. Users of HughesNet's satellite network can surf the web at lightning-fast speeds. When other high-speed connections are not an option, HughesNet gives Americans access to high-speed Internet connections. Servicont makes searching for rural Internet providers by zip code easy. Simply enter your code and we will provide coverage results.

And now with the introduction of HughesNet Gen4, the next-generation, super-fast satellite Internet service from Hughes Net, customers can browse, surf and download on the internet up to fifteen times faster than ever before.

Gen4 Satellite Internet gives you:

  • A constant Internet connection with super-fast download and upload speeds up to 15 mbps
  • Effortless and instant Web surfing
  • Quick downloads of large files
  • Lightning-fast access to online videos, music and more
  • Internet connection sharing with multiple computers

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Find Leading HughesNet Satellite Internet Providers By Zip Code

HughesNet is a high-speed Internet Service Provider that provides high-speed Internet access to everyone in the continental United States with a clear view of the southern sky. HughesNet's satellite technology gives users a high-speed Internet connection, allowing even remote and isolated subscribers to experience the same multimedia Internet that the rest of America enjoys. HughesNet allows its users to leave dial-up Internet connections behind and surf the Web at the speed it was designed for and offers several different service and pricing options. Find Internet service providers by zip code when you use our coverage search box at the top of the page.

How HughesNet Satellite Internet Service Works

HughesNet provides high-speed wireless Internet via satellite transmissions instead of phone lines, allowing users to use the Internet and the phone at the same time. After scheduling an appointment, a certified HughesNet installer will install a satellite dish and high-speed satellite modem on a customer's property and assist the customer with connecting the modem to his or her computer. The satellite connection then sends and receives information from HughesNet's orbiting satellite, providing the customer with a blazing fast Internet connection.

Why Customers Choose HughesNet Internet Service

HughesNet's high-speed connection allows its users to be more productive, stay connected to their friends and families, have more fun online, and experience the full breadth of content that the Internet offers. In addition, HughesNet's subscribers can eliminate the pain of dealing with a dial-up connection, including tied-up phone lines, laborious log-in procedures, and slow connections.Servicont provides customers with the top HughesNet satellite Internet service providers by zip code. Get the coverage that you deserve when you order HughesNet today!

Here are some more reasons that HughesNet's subscribers love their service so much:

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