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Common HughesNet® Questions & Answers

Have questions about HughesNet? Why we've compiled a list of common questions we get from customers and provide the answers below.

If you still have questions about HughesNet Service, or you just prefer to speak with a trained HughesNet sales consultant, please feel free to call 1-855-908-3591 or complete the form provided at the right and we will call you.

  • What is HughesNet Satellite Internet?
  • HughesNet Internet Service starts with a powerful satellite signal that can be received by homes and businesses in the contiguous United States that have a clear view of the southern sky. HughesNet connection speeds are significantly faster than those offered by dial-up service, so that you can enjoy more efficient Internet surfing, media streaming, and file sharing.

  • Can HughesNet replace my dial-up modem?
  • Yes! HughesNet advanced satellite technology lets you say "good riddance!" to that slow and noisy dial-up modem.

  • I already have HughesNet satellite Internet service. Can I upgrade to HughesNet Gen4 high-speed satellite Internet?
  • Not yet. There are plans to allow existing customers to upgrade, but existing HughesNet customers cannot participate in the Gen4 pre-sales program.

    But what if I cancel my existing service? - Sorry, but you must be without HughesNet service for 60 days before you can qualify for the HughesNet Gen4 pre-sales program.

  • I had HughesNet service before. Can I get HughesNet Gen4 high-speed satellite Internet?
  • Maybe. Only previous HughesNet customers that have been without HughesNet service for the the past 60 days are eligible for the pre-sale program. If you need service immediately and cancelled less than 45 days, call HughesNet Customer Care at 866-347-3292 to discuss your reactivation options. Otherwise, you must wait until you've been without HughesNet for 60 days.

  • What are the minimum computer requirements to use HughesNet Service?
  • HughesNet Satellite Internet is compatible with any Windows and Macintosh computer that has networking capability. For best results, we recommend Windows 2000 or later (including Vista) or Mac OS 10.1 or higher.

  • Can I use HughesNet with my Macintosh computer?
  • Yes! HughesNet is compatible with Mac OS 10.1 and higher.

  • Can I use HughesNet with a small or home network?
  • Yes! You can share your HughesNet service with multiple computers, including laptops and WiFi-enabled phones (when you have a wireless router connected to your HughesNet modem).

  • Is HughesNet compatible with my wireless router?
  • Yes! You can connect any wireless router with an ethernet connection to your HughesNet Satellite modem to create a WiFi network at your home or business.

  • My computer doesn't have a Network Interface Card (NIC). How can I use HughesNet Satellite Internet?
  • If your computer has a free USB port, the easiest solution is to purchase a USB Ethernet adapter. Alternately, you could install a new Ethernet 10/100 Network Interface Card (configuring the NIC to "auto-negotiate").

  • How can I connect my laptop to HughesNet Service with a PCMCIA card adapter?
  • Your laptop computer with a PCMCIA adapter can connect to HughesNet if it has an Ethernet connector or a 10/100 Ethernet NIC (Network Interface Card).

  • How soon can I have HughesNet Satellite Internet installed?
  • Within five days of ordering HughesNet Satellite Internet Service, you will be contacted to schedule your installation. A couple of weeks from now, you could be surfing the web on HughesNet.

  • Will my HughesNet installation technician set up my home network?
  • Yes! If you need your HughesNet installation technician to set up a home network during your initial installation of HughesNet Satellite Internet service, please mention it when you are called to schedule your installation. However, HughesNet does not support or maintain existing home networks.

  • Can I have a VPN on HughesNet?
  • Yes! HughesNet customers are welcome to set up virtual private networks (VPNs). However, when a VPN is enabled, data transfer speeds may be reduced by 50 - 75%.

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