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    Hughesnet Gen4 Speeds Announced!

  • A New Era in Satellite Internet
  • HughesNetwork Systems, LLC, the pioneer company in worldwide high speed satellte internet solutions, announced the completion of factory and field tests of their EchoStar XVIII Gateway February 1, 2012. Both the gateway and its user terminals are currently operational and deliver end-to-end traffic at high-speeds via the AMC 15 Ka-band Internet satellite.

    The EchoStar XVIII is a new generation of high-throughput satellite that has made another major milestone in satellite high-speed. EchoStar XVIII, which is scheduled for launching in Q2 2012, is expected to deliver HughesNet Gen4 speeds throughout North America.

    The company is currently installing and making tests on the infrastructure required for the new system. The gateway supports multi-spot beams in different parts of the US.

    The fact that Hughes is using Echostar AMC 15 Ka-band Internet satellite allows it to validate high-speed plans and user experience they expect to deliver to their subscribers from the summer season in 2012.

    EchoStar XVIII is the high-speed satellite with the highest capacity in the world. It is designed to use the latest version of the leading satellite high-speed standard in the world, the IPoS standard, which is approved by a variety of bodies, including ITU, TIA and ETSI.

    According to Hughes' CEO, Pradman Kaul, the company is going through a very exciting time. Pradman said the company was positioned "to push the envelope" so as to deliver a state-of-the-art, high-throughput satellite Internet that uses advanced industry standards. The latest service will maintain Hughes' position as the leading provider of integrated satellite high-speed service in the world.

    EchoStar XVIII is a geostationary Internet satellite based on the Ka-band architecture. Its capabilities will play a major role in delivering the new HughesNet Gen4 high-speed satellite Internet service. It will also augment SPACEWAY® 3 satellite, which is already showing remarkable success. Hughes is the premier provider of satellite Internet across North America with a subscription base of more than 620,000.

    Hughes also provides Yahsat that uses the Ka-band high-speed satellite system, which helps to strengthen its pioneering spot in the Ka-band Internet satellite sector. The company provides a full suite of OSS/BSS solutions for the YahClick Internet high-speed services offered in Africa, Southwest Asia and the Middle East, including terminals and gateway equipment.

    In addition, Hughes provides Ka-band terminals and gateways to Avanti Communications that delivers HYLAS 1 and 2 satellite Internet services in Africa, Middle East and Europe.

    When the new Gen4 HughesNet high-speed Internet service starts operating, subscribers are expected to enjoy nationwide coverage and network capacity that is 10 times better. They will always be connected irrespective of their locations. Call us today to get more information.

    HughesNet Gen4 Launch is Successful!

  • HughesNet Gen4/ Echostar 17 Satellite Internet Service Successfully Launched for Fall Operations
  • HughesNet made an announcement of the successful satellite launch from a European Spaceport located in Kourou, French Guiana. The satellite will bring the HughesNet Gen4, Echostar 17 Internet service. Here is the company's official press release:

    HughesNetwork Systems, LLC, a leading provider of high-speed satellite services and networks in the world, recently announced the successful launching of the satellite made by SpaceSystems/Loral called EchoStar XVII and the satellite's successful placing into Arianespace's geostationary transfer orbit. With these, HughesNet is now ready to offer its new Gen 4 Internet services promising a significantly efficient and capable high-speed performance.

    At 5:36 in the afternoon Eastern Time of July 5, the Ariane 5 rocket on board a spacecraft was launched from the Spaceport of Europe in Korou, French Guiana. At around 6:03 P.M. E.T., the rocket departed the Ariane 5 ECA launcher in geosynchronous transfer orbit. The aircraft's acquisition was reported at 6:20 in the afternoon Eastern Time by the Mission Control Center of Space Systems/Loral located in Palo Alto, California upon getting the signals at India's Hassan, Karnataka ground station. Space Systems/Loral reported the proper functioning of all the systems. Tests will be extensively performed and it will be completed after maneuvering the spacecraft around a circular orbit with a distance of 22,300 miles over the equator at 107.1 degrees West longitude. HughesNet expects its commercial operations to start in the Fall season.

    The high-throughput technology of the Ka-band EchoStar XVII with JUPITER will make possible the fourth-generation of HughesNet's satellite Internet service also referred to as HughesNet Gen 4. The new service will significantly increase and enhance the performance of Internet browsing and support applications with high bandwidth like music and video. Subscribers of the new service will enjoy quicker speeds in their Internet and experience the most superior download capacity in the industry thereby experiencing high-speed connectivity at its best.

    HughesNet President Pradman Kaul said that adding EchoStar XVII to the company's current satellite capability, ground connectivity and service brings satellite Internet to a higher level. He said that its Gen 4 customers will surely enjoy a one-of-a kind experience of a world that is rich in media. The President concluded its statements by congratulating the Space Systems/Loral and Arianespace teams for a perfect and excellent launch.

    About HughesNet

    HughesNetwork Systems, LLC or HughesNet is the world's top satellite Internet service provider for homes and offices. It delivers new network technologies, managed services and enterprise and government solutions worldwide. HughesNet holds the number one rank in the industry of high-speed satellite Internet with its various services that fit in every budget. The company has already shipped over 2.8 million systems to customers in more than 100 nations which represent a market share of more than fifty percent. Its services including RSM-A, IPoS/DVB-S2 and GMR-1 pass approved global standards of different organizations such as the ETSI, ITU and TIA.

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