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HughesNet Gen4 Internet Gives You More!

You don't have to settle for last century's dial-up any longer! With Gen4 Internet from HughesNet - the next generation of high-speed satellite broadband Internet service - you can have a fast Internet connection even if you don't have fiber, cable, or DSL. Stop tying up your phone line with slow speeds that won't even let you watch your favorite television shows and movies online. Say goodbye to overnight downloads and get ready to enjoy the same high-speed satellite Internet technology used by large corporations. Just make one, simple, toll-free call to 1-855-908-3591 and schedule your installation today!

Power MAX

Power PRO



More of What You Love!

Everything you love to do online, and the things you have been wishing you could do online, will happen more quickly and with more quality than ever before. You can connect multiple computers and devices to the Internet, watch streaming movies on services like Amazon Instant Video and Netflix (the recommended download speed for HD quality on Netflix Watch Instantly is 5 Mbps), listen to music through your Internet-enabled stereo, play multiplayer video games, and use voice and video chat services like Skype or Yahoo Instant Messenger to save on long-distance. Give your children the online-learning edge that they need to excel.

Anytime Download Allowance

HughesNet Gen4 monthly bandwidth allowance - up to 40GB per month - gives you a bucket of anytime bytes that you can use 24/7. Plus, you get Bonus Bytes that can be used between 2am and 8am (local time). That's more generosity than you'll get from any other satellite service, so you get more flexibility and freedom to enjoy everything that the Internet has to offer.

Available in Rural Areas!

If you live, work, or play anywhere in the contiguous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico with a clear view of the southern sky, your wait for high-speed Internet access is over. HughesNet is even available in locations where DSL and cable Internet service providers can't reach.

Get HughesNet® | CALL 1-855-908-3591

Up to 15 Times Faster than Before!

Only Exede Internet Gives You The Exclusive Late Night Free Zone Every satellite Internet provider is required by federal law to cap data usage for users. This means that you need to monitor and even moderate how much you use the Internet or risk exceeding the data cap and having your access slowed down to the speed of dial-up. Exede Internet has the perfect solution with completely free access from midnight to 5am Daily. Even if you have exceeded your monthly data cap, you get your speed and access back nightly when demand is lower.

No Phone Line Needed

Throw away your dial-up modem once and for all! At last, you can stop missing calls when you need to get online. Go ahead and cancel the second phone line that you needed to surf and talk at the same time. With an always-on HughesNet Satellite Internet connection, you won't need to wait for dial-up to share your favorite pictures and videos with family and friends on Facebook, read and send email, or check out your favorite websites.

Free Download Manager

Your HughesNet Gen4 monthly Data Allowance includes Bonus Bytes that can be used from 2am to 8am every day of the week. You don't have to stay up late to get your download started. All three Power Plans include the free Download Manager so that you can schedule those heavy bandwidth activities, like operating system updates and multimedia downloads, when Internet traffic is off-peak.

Do More in Less Time!

You know how to make the best of what you have. With HughesNet Gen4, you'll have more bandwidth than ever before so that you can do more, and enjoy more of what you love to do online, in less time. Time is money, and you can start making the best use of your time with HughesNet Gen4. It's a smarter way to connect to the Internet, where you can connect with friends and family, share multimedia, learn, shop, bank, get informed, and be entertained.

HughesNet Voice: A Dependable and Cost Effective Home Phone Service

The all New HughesNet Voice service is the perfect solution for your home phone needs. HughesNet, the leader in satellite Internet service in the nation, now brings you exceptional home phone service. You get to save on the cost of your phone service and enjoy extra FREE premium features, so you get the most from your service. High quality at an affordable price is an offer that simply can't be beat.

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