New HT1000 Modem for HughesNet® Gen4 Will Deliver Speeds Up to 10x Faster


HT1000 Modem for HughesNet® Gen4With the successful launch of the EchoStar® XVII satellite, HughesNet® is on track to begin taking pre-orders for the new HughesNet® Gen4 high-speed satellite broadband Internet service, which will be available in October 2012.

New customers, and those upgrading to HughesNet® Gen4 will require installation of new JUPITERTM Technology equipment to take advantage of data transfer rates that are expected to reach up to ten times faster speeds than those offered on the current SPACEWAY® 3 system.

New equipment on the ground will be capable of receiving signals from the EchoStar® XVII, which utilizes the latest in Ka-band antenna technology to transmit data as fast as 100 Gbps, thanks to high-throughput technology of the new JUPITERTM system. JUPITERTM Technology improves upon SPACEWAY’s spot beam forming and fast packet switching with a bent-pipe architecture and multi-spot beam. Satellite broadband internet consumers who upgrade from a conventional Ku-band satellite system will see an increase of almost 80 times faster data transfer rates.

HT1000 Modem for HughesNet® Gen4Inside residential homes and businesses, the new Hughes HT1000 modem will be installed, which is contained in the same chassis as the current HN9000 but is now grey in color. The single cable connection will ease installation and a more bottom-heavy design will reduce occurrences of the modem falling over.

The HughesNet® Gen4 system includes a redesign of the radio unit. The new JUPITERTM Technology 74 cm antenna, built by Skyware Global, features a light-weight back structure and a modified steel reflector. Customers who upgrade from the GD Satcom antenna will discover that their new installation simply requires the feed arm to be replaced and the new JUPITERTM is easily attached. To further simplify installation, there is only one wire input connection that can be found on the bottom with a preattached feedhorn to collect the signal. To eliminate the problem of water leaks, a marman clamp is not an element of the new design.

HT1000 Modem for HughesNet® Gen4

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