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When you call us at 1-855-908-3591 to order HughesNet Satellite Internet, your equipment and service will be set up at your home or business by a certified HughesNet installation technician. Your technician will call you to schedule installation at a time that is convenient for you and bring all of the necessary equipment to your location: satellite dish, Internet modem, and cabling.

How is HughesNet service installed?

  1. When your HughesNet installation technician arrives, discuss your needs before the work begins. Your technician can help you determine the best locations for the dish, cables, and interior coaxial jack. If you want the technician to repair or remove previously mounted equipment, you will be asked to sign a liability waiver. Standard installation does not include custom work or installation of the dish on a surface higher than one story.
  2. Your HughesNet installation technician will install the HughesNet dish with HughesNet mounting brackets on a structure that you approve. To comply with FCC regulations, the dish must be mounted at least five feet above the ground.
  3. Your technician will install a coaxial cable jack inside your home or business. Two exterior RG-6 coaxial cables will connect the HughesNet dish to the interior jack.
  4. Your technician will ensure that all HughesNet equipment is fully functional and grounded, verify the HughesNet satellite signal, activate your modem with your HughesNet account, and confirm successful high-speed connection.

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