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Staring at $49/mo

  • Up To 12 Mbps Download
  • Up To 3 Mbps Upload
  • 25 GB Monthly Data


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  • Up To 15 Mbps Download
  • Up To 2 Mbps Upload
  • Up To 40 GB Monthly Data




  • Up To 2 Mbps Download
  • Up To 1 Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Monthly Data


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Starting at $24/mo

  • Up To 285+ Channels
  • Unlimited* Domestic Calling

Explore High Speed Choices from Internet Service Providers in Utah

High speed Internet options are available throughout the country. In Utah, this includes not only sluggish dial-up Internet access, but also a variety of high speed options provided by satellite and wireless Internet providers. When you opt for high speed rural Internet access, you can do so much more than you ever dreamed possible online.

Find The Best Internet Service Providers For You

Choosing the best Internet service provider to meet your needs is a matter of careful consideration. There are multiple options available to the rural consumer. By evaluating your needs and the way you use the Internet, you will be able to best decide which high speed Internet option is right for you.

Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Will multiple users be connecting to the Internet service you choose?
  • Do you expect to use the Internet for multiple hours a day, every day?
  • Do you anticipate regularly downloading videos, music and other media?
  • Do you travel regularly and want Internet access that you can take with you?
  • Do you want unlimited access to the Internet?

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Award-Winning Exede Satellite Internet Service Delivers Speed

Exede satellite Internet service is the super high speed Internet option that gives you more access to data than any other satellite provider. The late night free zone means you have unlimited access to the Internet from midnight to 5am Daily. Exede has also been rated top in the nation by the FCC for exceeding advertised speeds. Enjoy the ability to stream videos, share photos, use social media and so much more with consistent, high quality Exede.

HughesNet Satellite Internet Brings Experience and Cost Savings

HughesNet in Utah in is the leader in satellite Internet service, having brought the technology to the United States. As the forerunner in the industry, HughesNet continues to be at the forefront of technology and offers a variety of plans to fit any budget. Available everywhere in the United States, HughesNet has the experience you can trust and the price you can afford. You can get started without delay with free installation and $0 down. Embrace Internet speeds that are 5 times faster than DSL with HughesNet.

Blue Fire Broadband for Unlimited Anywhere Access

Experience the difference with Blue Fire Broadband in Utah , the high speed rural Internet service that you can take anywhere. With the simple plug and play device, installation is not required. You simply plug in the system anywhere and you have your very own private Internet access. It is perfect for those with vacation homes, RVs, boats and more. Even if you simply travel between work sites, Blue Fire Broadband ensures that you always have high speed Internet, thanks to its fast 3G/4G service.

With the Blue Fire Broadband completely unlimited data plan, it is the ideal choice for anyone who doesn’t want to be held back by the data caps imposed on satellite Internet users. Play online games with ease, stream videos seamlessly and never worry about data limits with the best in wireless Internet. A free 10 day trial lets you check it out risk free.

For fast Internet access anywhere in the United States, look no further. With the rural high speed Internet solutions to fit your needs exactly, we offer what you are looking for. Call 1-855-908-3591 now for more information on high speed Internet for you.


Abraham, UT        Adamsville, UT        Alpine, UT        Alta, UT       
Altamont, UT        Alton, UT        Altonah, UT        Am Fork, UT       
Amalga, UT        American Fork, UT        Anchorage, UT        Aneth, UT       
Angle, UT        Annabella, UT        Antimony, UT        Apple Valley, UT       
Arcadia, UT        Arches, UT        Arsenal, UT        Aurora, UT       
Austin, UT        Avon, UT        Axtell, UT        Ballard, UT       
Bauer, UT        Bear River City, UT        Bear River Cy, UT        Beaver, UT       
Beaverdam, UT        Beeton, UT        Belmont Heights, UT        Benjamin, UT       
Bennion, UT        Benson, UT        Beryl, UT        Beryl Junction, UT       
Bethel, UT        Bicknell, UT        Big Water, UT        Bingham, UT       
Bingham Canyon, UT        Bingham Cyn, UT        Birdseye, UT        Black Rock, UT       
Blanding, UT        Bloomington, UT        Bloomington Hills, UT        Bluebell, UT       
Bluff, UT        Bluffdale, UT        Bonanza, UT        Boneta, UT       
Bonnie, UT        Bothwell, UT        Bottle Hollow, UT        Boulder, UT       
Bountiful, UT        Bowery Haven, UT        Brian Head, UT        Bridgeland, UT       
Brigham, UT        Brigham City, UT        Brighton, UT        Brookside, UT       
Bryce, UT        Bryce Canyon, UT        Bryce Canyon City, UT        Bryce Cyn Cty, UT       
Bullfrog, UT        Bunker, UT        Burbank, UT        Burmester, UT       
Burrville, UT        Bushnell, UT        BYU, UT        Cache Jct, UT       
Cache Junction, UT        Caineville, UT        Callao, UT        Camp Williams, UT       
Cannonville, UT        Canyon Point, UT        Canyonlands, UT        Capitol Reef, UT       
Carbonville, UT        Castle Dale, UT        Castle Gate, UT        Castle Valley, UT       
Castleton, UT        Cedar City, UT        Cedar Fort, UT        Cedar Hills, UT       
Cedar Pass, UT        Cedar Valley, UT        Center Creek, UT        Centerfield, UT       
Centerville, UT        Central, UT        Central Valley, UT        Central Vly, UT       
Charleston, UT        Chester, UT        Circleville, UT        Cisco, UT       
Clarkston, UT        Clawson, UT        Clearfield, UT        Cleveland, UT       
Clinton, UT        Clover, UT        Clyde, UT        Coalville, UT       
College Ward, UT        Collinston, UT        Copperton, UT        Corinne, UT       
Cornish, UT        Cottonwd Hgts, UT        Cottonwood, UT        Cottonwood Heights, UT       
Cottonwood Heights City, UT        Cove, UT        Cove Fort, UT        Cover Bridge Canyon, UT       
Covered Bridge, UT        Crescent, UT        Croydon, UT        Crystal Springs, UT       
Cushing, UT        Dammeron, UT        Dammeron Valley, UT        Dammeron Vly, UT       
Daniels, UT        Deer Mountain, UT        Deer Valley, UT        Defas Park, UT       
Delta, UT        Deseret, UT        Deweyville, UT        Diamond Valley, UT       
Draper, UT        Dry Fork, UT        Duchesne, UT        Duck Creek Village, UT       
Duck Crk Vlg, UT        Dugway, UT        Dutch John, UT        Eagle Mountain, UT       
Eagle Mtn, UT        East Carbon, UT        East Layton, UT        East Wellington, UT       
Echo, UT        Eden, UT        Elberta, UT        Elk Ridge, UT       
Elmo, UT        Elsinore, UT        Elwood, UT        Emery, UT       
Emigration Canyon, UT        Emigratn Cyn, UT        Enoch, UT        Enterprise, UT       
Ephraim, UT        Erda, UT        Escalante, UT        Eskdale, UT       
Etna, UT        Eureka, UT        Fairfield, UT        Fairview, UT       
Farmington, UT        Farr West, UT        Faust, UT        Fayette, UT       
Ferron, UT        Fielding, UT        Fillmore, UT        Fish Lake, UT       
Flowell, UT        Fort Douglas, UT        Fort Duchesne, UT        Fountain Green, UT       
Fountain Grn, UT        Francis, UT        Fremont, UT        Fruit Heights, UT       
Fruita, UT        Fruitland, UT        Fry Canyon, UT        Garden City, UT       
Garland, UT        Garrison, UT        Genola, UT        Glen Canyon, UT       
Glendale, UT        Glenwood, UT        Gold Hill, UT        Gooseberry, UT       
Goshen, UT        Granger, UT        Granger Hunter, UT        Granite, UT       
Grantsville, UT        Green Lake, UT        Green River, UT        Greendale, UT       
Greenhaven, UT        Greenville, UT        Greenwich, UT        Grouse Creek, UT       
Grover, UT        Gunlock, UT        Gunnison, UT        Gusher, UT       
Hailstone, UT        Halls Crossing, UT        Halls Xing, UT        Hanksville, UT       
Hanna, UT        Harrisburg Junction, UT        Harrisville, UT        Hatch, UT       
Heber, UT        Heber City, UT        Helper, UT        Henefer, UT       
Henrieville, UT        Herriman, UT        Hideout, UT        Highland, UT       
Hildale, UT        Hill AFB, UT        Hill Air Force Base, UT        Hillfield, UT       
Hinckley, UT        Hite, UT        Holden, UT        Holladay, UT       
Holladay Cottonwood, UT        Holladay Ctwd, UT        Honeyville, UT        Hooper, UT       
Howell, UT        Hoytsville, UT        Hunter, UT        Huntington, UT       
Huntsville, UT        Hurricane, UT        Hyde Park, UT        Hyrum, UT       
Ibapah, UT        Indianola, UT        Ioka, UT        Irish Green, UT       
Ivins, UT        Jensen, UT        Joseph, UT        Junction, UT       
Kamas, UT        Kanab, UT        Kanarraville, UT        Kanesville, UT       
Kanosh, UT        Kayenta, UT        Kaysville, UT        Kearns, UT       
Keetley, UT        Kenilworth, UT        Kimball Junction, UT        Kingston, UT       
Koosharem, UT        La Sal, UT        La Verkin, UT        Lake Point, UT       
Lake Powell, UT        Lake Shore, UT        Lakeside, UT        Laketown, UT       
Lakeview, UT        Lapoint, UT        Lawrence, UT        Layton, UT       
Leamington, UT        Leeds, UT        Leeton, UT        Lehi, UT       
Leland, UT        Levan, UT        Lewiston, UT        Liberty, UT       
Lincoln, UT        Lindon, UT        Littleton, UT        Loa, UT       
Logan, UT        Lyman, UT        Lynndyl, UT        Madsen, UT       
Maeser, UT        Magna, UT        Mammoth, UT        Manderfield, UT       
Manila, UT        Manti, UT        Mantua, UT        Mapleton, UT       
Marion, UT        Marriott, UT        Marriott-Slaterville City, UT        Martin, UT       
Marysvale, UT        Mayfield, UT        Meadow, UT        Meadowville, UT       
Mendon, UT        Mexican Hat, UT        Middleton, UT        Midvale, UT       
Midway, UT        Milburn, UT        Milford, UT        Millville, UT       
Milton, UT        Minersville, UT        Moab, UT        Modena, UT       
Mona, UT        Monarch, UT        Monroe, UT        Montezuma Creek, UT       
Montezuma Crk, UT        Monticello, UT        Monument Valley, UT        Monument Vly, UT       
Morgan, UT        Moroni, UT        Mount Carmel, UT        Mount Pleasant, UT       
Mountain Green, UT        Mountain Home, UT        Ms City, UT        MSC, UT       
Mt Pleasant, UT        Mtn Green, UT        Murray, UT        Myton, UT       
N Logan, UT        N Salt Lake, UT        Naples, UT        Natural Bridges, UT       
Neola, UT        Nephi, UT        New Harmony, UT        Newcastle, UT       
Newton, UT        Nibley, UT        North Creek, UT        North Logan, UT       
North Ogden, UT        North Salt Lake, UT        Nsl, UT        Oak City, UT       
Oak Creek, UT        Oakley, UT        Oasis, UT        Ogden, UT       
Ophir, UT        Orangeville, UT        Orderville, UT        Orem, UT       
Ouray, UT        Palmyra, UT        Panguitch, UT        Paradise, UT       
Paragonah, UT        Park City, UT        Park Valley, UT        Parowan, UT       
Partoun, UT        Payson, UT        Penrose, UT        Peoa, UT       
Perry, UT        Petersboro, UT        Peterson, UT        Petra, UT       
Pickleville, UT        Pine Canyon, UT        Pine Cliff, UT        Pine Valley, UT       
Pintura, UT        Pl Grove, UT        Plain City, UT        Pleasant Green, UT       
Pleasant Grove, UT        Pleasant Grv, UT        Pleasant View, UT        Plymouth, UT       
Portage, UT        Porterville, UT        Price, UT        Promontory, UT       
Providence, UT        Provo, UT        Randlett, UT        Randolph, UT       
Red Canyon, UT        Redmond, UT        Richfield, UT        Richmond, UT       
Richville, UT        River Heights, UT        Riverdale, UT        Riverside, UT       
Riverton, UT        Rockport, UT        Rockville, UT        Rocky Rdg Twn, UT       
Rocky Ridge Town, UT        Roosevelt, UT        Rosette, UT        Round Valley, UT       
Roy, UT        Rush Valley, UT        S Jordan, UT        S Salt Lake, UT       
Saint George, UT        Salem, UT        Salina, UT        Salt Lake City, UT       
Salt Lake Cty, UT        Sandy, UT        Santa Clara, UT        Santaquin, UT       
Saratoga, UT        Saratoga Spgs, UT        Saratoga Springs, UT        Scipio, UT       
Scofield, UT        Sevier, UT        Sherwood Park, UT        Sigurd, UT       
Skull Valley, UT        Slaterville, UT        Slc, UT        Smithfield, UT       
Snowbird, UT        Snowville, UT        Snyderville, UT        So Salt Lake, UT       
Solitude, UT        South Jordan, UT        South Ogden, UT        South Rim, UT       
South Salt Lake, UT        South Weber, UT        Spanish Fork, UT        Spring City, UT       
Spring Glen, UT        Spring Lake, UT        Springdale, UT        Springville, UT       
Spry, UT        Ssl, UT        St George, UT        Standardville, UT       
Stansbury Park, UT        Stansbury Pk, UT        Sterling, UT        Stockton, UT       
Stoddard, UT        Sugarville, UT        Summit, UT        Summit Park, UT       
Sundance, UT        Sunnyside, UT        Sunset, UT        Sutherland, UT       
Swan Creek, UT        Syracuse, UT        Tabiona, UT        Talmage, UT       
Taylor, UT        Taylorsville, UT        Teasdale, UT        Terra, UT       
Thatcher, UT        Thistle, UT        Thompson, UT        Ticaboo, UT       
Timpanogos, UT        Tooele, UT        Tooele Army Depot, UT        Topaz, UT       
Toquerville, UT        Torrey, UT        Tremonton, UT        Trenton, UT       
Tridell, UT        Tropic, UT        Trout Creek, UT        Tuhaye, UT       
Uintah, UT        Union, UT        Upalco, UT        Upton, UT       
Utida, UT        Uvada, UT        Val Verda, UT        Venice, UT       
Vernal, UT        Vernon, UT        Veyo, UT        Vineyard, UT       
Virgin, UT        W Bountiful, UT        W Jordan, UT        W Valley, UT       
W Valley City, UT        Wales, UT        Wallsburg, UT        Wanship, UT       
Warren, UT        Washington, UT        Washington Terrace, UT        Washington Tr, UT       
Wellington, UT        Wellsville, UT        Wendover, UT        West Bountiful, UT       
West Haven, UT        West Jordan, UT        West Kaysville, UT        West Layton, UT       
West Point, UT        West Valley, UT        West Valley City, UT        West Warren, UT       
West Weber, UT        Wheelon, UT        White City, UT        White Mesa, UT       
Whiterocks, UT        Willard, UT        Wilson, UT        Winchester Hills, UT       
WJ, UT        WJRD, UT        Woodland, UT        Woodland Hills, UT       
Woodland Hls, UT        Woodrow, UT        Woodruff, UT        Woods Cross, UT       
Young Ward, UT        Zion National Park, UT        Zion Ntl Park, UT       
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